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How to Incorporate African Prints into Your Everyday Wardrobe!

I think you can agree with me that African prints are gorgeous and I might be a little biased, but I believe that the right African piece can be incorporated in everyday life. So, let's get into a world where fashion meets culture. These vibrant fabrics are not just cloth; they're stories, traditions, and a celebration of our rich heritage. Let's explore ways how to incorporate African prints into your daily wardrobe, ensuring every day is filled with colour and meaning. These tips are great for seasoned African print wearers as well as for those who are just starting. We got you!

Start with Accessories

Small but Mighty

Now, I know that wearing bold and colourful patterns isn't for everyone and even if you do like all those things, sometimes it really is just about time and place. So, for everyone who wants to wear something bold and colourful but small, accessories will be your best friend. Think bold, think bright, think beautiful. A printed African print headwrap can transform your jeans-and-top combo into a statement outfit. Or what about an African print bucket hat? Perfect for summer filled with festivals (oh how I am waiting for summer).

african print headband for everyday african fashion

Mix, Match, and Shine

The trick is to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple to let those accessories pop. A black maxi dress with a colourful African print headwrap? Yes, please! Or how about spicing up your office look with a statement necklace? The possibilities are endless.

Headwraps are also great when the hair day just isn't giving and you still want to look cute. Or what about an African print headband? This will not cover your entire headband but just enough if you just don't feel like laying those edges down ( I'm not going back to little Tamara who let them edges go wild, I'm just not).

Statement Pieces

The Bold and the Beautiful

If you're ready to take the next step, talk statement pieces will be your go-to. An African print top or an Ankara jacket can elevate your wardrobe in an instant. These pieces are versatile, and stunning, and can easily be paired with what you already own.

Now you don't have to wear African print from head to toe if you don't want to (of course if you do want to, I'm here for it!). But what I personally love about African prints is that you can mix and match them with plain clothing pieces you probably already own. I love mixing my Ankara kimono with an all-black layer underneath like a black dress or black jeans with a black top. Or mix a gorgeous African print corset top with some high-waisted jeans and an optional black blazer. There are so many ways you can incorporate African prints by just mixing them with plain clothes, show off sis!

The Whole 9

Dresses, dresses, dresses!

African print dresses must be one of my favourite things (I'm not even exaggerating). It's just something about a well-made dress, the cut, the style and on top of that the African print! Everyone I've seen wearing an African print dress just exudes something almost royal-like (don't mind me). But in all seriousness, an African print dress is the ultimate statement piece.

My personal favourite is our Sierra African print dress because of its corset design and gorgeous fabric. But there's an African print dress for everyone, from maxi to mini. Plus, when we say be unique we actually mean it. Because of the nature of African print, no two dresses are the same.

African print dresses might not be for every day, again this is an entirely personal choice. But I get that African print dresses might be more for special occasions such as date night, girl's night out and so on. Or even weddings! Because although we don't want to look better than the bride, we still want to look cute. Read our guide about what to wear to African weddings if you want to incorporate African print pieces.

We've all been told that we always need a little black dress ready to go for those special occasions. Well, I think we need a little African print dress too for those same occasions. 

Beyond Fashion: A Cultural Connection

Wearing African prints is more than just making a fashion statement; it's about connecting with our history and celebrating our heritage. Each piece carries a story, a tradition, and wearing them is a powerful way of honouring the culture we're all a part of. So, every time you step out in a beautiful Ankara dress or African print accessories I want you to walk down the streets like you own them and feel the confidence rush through while wearing whatever gorgeous African print piece.

Practical Tips for Care and Maintenance

If want to start incorporating everyday African print fashion in your wardrobe or if you already do, it is important to keep your African print pieces looking as vibrant as the day you got them. So, if you want to know how to care for your African prints we have a complete guide on How To Wash and Care for Your African Prints

Final thoughts

Incorporating African prints into your everyday wardrobe is not just about style; it's a celebration of identity, culture, and heritage. It's a way to stand out and to be proud in the most beautiful way. So, embrace the colours, the patterns, and the stories behind these prints. Experiment, express yourself, and most importantly, have fun with it!

Now, I'd love to see how you incorporate African prints into your daily looks! Share your outfits, your stories, and your tips with our community. Let's inspire each other. Happy styling, gorgeous!

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