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African Fashion Trends for 2024

our prediction for african print fashion trends for 2024 with focus on african prints mix and matching

We're deep into 2024 (it's just February) and so it's time to highlight some of the African Fashion Trends of 2024. We're seeing an exciting blend of traditional and modern styles that are not just stunning but also rich in cultural significance. Let's explore how these trends can add a fresh, colourful twist to your wardrobe. 

The Latest in African Print Patterns

African print patterns have always been a statement of culture, identity, and personal style. In 2024, we're seeing these prints evolve into even more intricate, bold, and dynamic designs. From the classic Ankara to the mesmerising Kente, designers are pushing boundaries and blending patterns.

African prints have always been very beautiful and colourful, but this year we've already seen that this has been turned up a notch. Making the wearer of these colourful fabrics and gorgeous patterns feel royal. This is especially seen with launch of new silky Satin Royal fabric by Vlisco

The traditional fabrics we all know and love are still very much alive, but we think we'll be seeing more fabrics with new patterns and colour pallets that will suit modern designs. 

Bold Prints and Patterns

Embrace the Vibrance

Vibrancy is the new black. African fashion is renowned for its bold prints and patterns. These designs aren't just beautiful; they're storytelling elements, each with a unique meaning. From the classic Ankara to the intricate Kente, incorporating these patterns into your everyday outfits, whether that's a pencil skirt for work or a statement dress for a night out, can add an extraordinary flair to your style.

Colourful African Print Headwraps and Accessories

Headwraps are more than just accessories; they're a nod to our heritage and a bold fashion statement. Whether you’re rocking a turban or a full headwrap, these pieces can elevate your look instantly. And being able to protect your hair (and those edges) is just an added bonus.

Besides headwraps, think about adding African-inspired jewellery, bags, or shoes to your ensemble. Or even some African print headbands to create some effortless hairstyles. These pieces are often handmade, unique, and tell a story of craftsmanship and tradition.

African print headband for African fashion Trends in 2024

Fusion of Traditional and Modern Silhouettes

It's amazing to see how traditional African silhouettes are being reimagined in modern fashion. Think flowing maxi dresses with bold prints or fitted blazers with African fabric. These pieces are perfect for making a statement while honouring cultural roots.

Styles to Watch

Everyday wear: mix and match

We'll be seeing this trend more and more, and at River & Mara we stand behind this trend wholeheartedly. Sometimes you want to make a statement but maybe do it a bit more in a subtle way. So don't be afraid to mix prints with your everyday staples. An African print top can go wonderfully with a pair of jeans, or a bright African-print headwrap can add a little something, something to a simple outfit. If you're looking for more everyday styles the boldness of African prints can still be styled with subtler elements to create a harmonious look.

mix and match african prints for everyday wear

Evening Elegance

Everyday wear isn't the only thing that will see more of in 2024. But instead of reaching for the same red or black plain dress, we'll see more of those gorgeous long African gowns and A-line African print dresses. Sure to make a statement at your next date night or girls' night out while you feel on top of the world.

Bringing Back the Classics

African fashion trends for 2024 are seeing a delightful revival of vintage styles. We're talking about the rebirth of classic styles from the '60s, '70s, and '80s, but with a modern twist. And this will be reimagined with African print styles. Think high-waisted Ankara pants paired with chic, modern blouses, or retro-patterned maxi dresses that scream both elegance and cultural pride.

What's your favourite trend from our list? Or are you experimenting with a completely new African print style? Share your thoughts, photos, and fashion tips with us on social media. Let's inspire each other and keep the conversation going about the incredible world of African fashion!

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