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Embracing African Dress Styles: A Guide to Women's Ankara Fashion

Ankara is one of the most popular fabrics worn by women worldwide, representing the rich and diverse African dress styles. So, how can you stand out when wearing women’s Ankara styles? In this guide, we’ll highlight various aspects when styling African dresses.

african print dress  with corset detailing

Understanding African Dress Styles and Their Significance

Before diving into styling tips, it's important to appreciate the cultural significance of African dress styles. Ankara fabric, with its origins and evolution, represents a blend of tradition and modernity in African fashion. These styles are not just about aesthetics; they represent a rich cultural heritage.

Consider the occasion

Styling women’s African dresses is all about the occasion. Since Ankara fabric is so versatile, you can rock your African print dress everywhere and anywhere. Once you let the event dictate your outfit, you’ll always look your best.

If you’re headed to a cocktail party or a laid-back brunch, you want to wear something easily dressed up or down, like the Mini African Print Infinity Dress. The gorgeous elongated straps transform the dress into several styles, making dressing for the occasion much easier. You can style your mini dress with kitten heels or a pair of cute strappy sandals.

For an office setting, consider a tailored African Print blazer dress, like the Imani African Print Blazer Dress. This harmonious blend of African dress styles and professional attire makes a powerful statement about embracing cultural identity in every aspect of life.

african print blazer dress for office settings

On the other hand, if you’re headed to a fancy gala or formal event, you want to dress to the nines with a showstopping dress like an African Print Maxi Dress. A maxi dress will create a seamless, flowy silhouette that can be styled with statement earrings that complement the outfit.

Incorporating Trends in African Dress Styles

It's fascinating to see how African dress styles adapt to current fashion trends while maintaining their unique identity. For instance, integrating eco-friendly materials or embracing minimalist designs with Ankara can create a whole new genre within African fashion.

Experiment with modern silhouettes

Women’s African dresses have a wide range of styles and silhouettes; there’s something for everyone’s taste. When picking out different African dress styles, don’t be afraid to experiment with a shape or style you’ve never worn before. There are so many gorgeous, modern silhouettes, like an African print blazer dress, a cold-shoulder African print dress, or a beautiful Corset African Print Dress. A different style that’s unlike something you would usually wear would be an excellent way to blend the modern silhouette with the traditional Ankara fabric.

Pick a style that flatters your body

Wearing African dresses isn’t just about how the dress looks, but how you look and feel wearing it. What’s your body type? Does your dress flatter your shape or hide it? Many traditional women’s African dress styles have a lot of fabric, whether a full-length skirt, cape sleeves, or balloon sleeves. You want to do your best to accentuate your waist as much as possible.

Wearing something like an African Print Wrap Style Dress would be an excellent choice to embrace the bold, unique nature of African dresses while cinching your waist to create an elegant silhouette. If your dress doesn’t have its own belt like a wrap dress, just head over to your wardrobe and combine it with any belt you already own. 

Choose the right accessories

African dresses are well-known for their bright colours and bold, eye-catching patterns, so when it comes time to accessorise your African print dress, sometimes less is more. You want your dress to take centre stage, so pair it with jewellery and shoes that won’t take away from its beauty.

If you’re wearing something as unique and versatile as the African Print Infinity Dress, its convertible design allows you to create several different looks by changing how the top is tied. So, when wearing a statement dress like the infinity dress, keep your accessories simple.

Most importantly, be confident. Whichever style you wear, don’t be shy, and embrace your Ankara dress with pride.

Celebrating Diversity Through African Dress Styles

In conclusion, African dress styles offer a world of possibilities. They allow wearers to express their identity, embrace cultural heritage, and make bold fashion statements. Whether you're attending a formal event, heading to work, or just out for a casual day, there's an African dress style to suit every occasion and personality.

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