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The Best Places for Brunch in the UK with the Girls in 2024

Brunch With The Girls About To Be Lit

We're deep into 2024 (girl, how is it only March?) and one of the most enjoyable times of the year is coming up. Spring and Summer are always the season when people actually want to be outside and overall the mental well-being just seems to get a little boost. And for all my girls who like to go out but get home again at a reasonable time, day parties and brunches are also about to make their return. 

African and caribbean food

Now, if you're anything like me, outside hasn't seen us since last September. Which means my friends have seen my face only on Facetime. So, I obviously need to catch up with the girls and let them witness in person how I still haven't lost that weight I said I would. And as a mum and just a woman in her thirties in general, brunches and day parties will be my go-to again in 2024. So let's explore some of the best places to eat good food, potentially shake a little leg while we're at it and be at home no later than 11pm. 

City Living

A restaurant with some good Caribbean food and brunch options, sign me up! Jamaya is the place to be when you want to enjoy a variety of delicious Jamaican dishes. With locations in Birmingham and Solihull, this restaurant also has a bottomless brunch option that includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. And when there's an option of fried plantain on the menu, your girl is happy (yes, I'm very basic and don't need much to enjoy my meals).

The restaurant itself looks really nice with cultural aspects and murals that not only make this restaurant a tasteful event but a visual one as well. So get ready for the 'gram. Plus, if you decide to plan your brunch time with the girls on Saturdays you can also enjoy some music with their resident DJ, making Jamaya the perfect spot for both music and food, while having a relaxing sitdown. 

Day Parties and Food

"Will there be food?" Yes and vibes! AFROBEATS n BRUNCH™. And when I say day parties this is what I mean. With brunch events held in London, Manchester, Birmingham and other parts of the UK and even brunches in Europe and the US, is this the perfect place to catch a vibe and eat some delicious, well-seasoned food.  

Like I mentioned before, day parties are great when you want to enjoy music and food, shake a little leg and whine your waist, and be home by 11pm. With bottomless brunches starting midday and ending around 9pm, you'll have had a good time with friends and be fresh enough the next day to get breakfast ready for the kids.

Afro-Inspired Grills

Although, I love a good party with great music. It's not every day whine your waist and I get that. Sometimes you want to just sit down and enjoy some African food. And all of this can be achieved with some Afro-infused food at Papi's Grill's Afro Bistro Brunch. Enjoy unlimited drinks (cocktails, mocktails and prosecco) alongside some Jollof rice, fried yam, suya and more. Plus, there are plenty of other dishes on their regular menu, such as chicken wings, lobster, pasta and more.

Located in Lewisham, this spot is great for when the weather is weathering (good or bad), as they have a really good outside sitting area as well. Ready for us to enjoy the 4 days of real summer in the UK. You can enjoy their Afro Brunch every weekend from 2pm - 6pm. Perfect for me because I'll be right on time for bedtime and didn't mean for my son.

Final thoughts

These are some of the spots that piqued my interest, because of the food, music and just overall vibes. Whether you're looking for day parties or a more chilled sitdown with the girls, the most important thing about these brunches other than the food and music is reconnecting with friends after our (mine) hibernation era. Sharing stories, seeing what's new or not new with the girls and just creating a little bit of that mayhem we were known for back in the day (okay Auntie..).

Sometimes, these simple get-togethers are the only things needed to reminisce and create new memories. 

So, which brunch spots are you hitting up in 2024? 

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