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African Wedding Dresses for Guests

African weddings – a celebration like no other, where crafts are shown and family circle come back once again. But for guests, there's also this one big question that looms...

What should I wear?

It's a big question that often can lead to stressful moments even before the invite arrives. After all, standing out without stealing the spotlight from the bride is a delicate dance, especially when considering the different options in African wedding attire.

african wedding couple

Africa's Unique Wedding Dress Culture

Africa's cultural diversity tells a story and narrative about every wedding celebration, influencing the attire worn by guests for their respective invites.

And, there are variations of prints that cut across each region, and each region brings its own unique flair to the table.

But, amidst this diversity, there's a common thread – the desire to honour tradition and heritage through fashion. Whether it's the symbolic motifs adorning a garment or the craftsmanship passed down through generations, African wedding attire is more than just fabric; it's a reflection of identity and pride.

Choosing the Right Attire

When it comes to selecting the perfect outfit for an African wedding for guests, striking the right balance is key. You want to look your best while still respecting the cultural significance of the event.

Solid colours are often a safe bet, allowing you to blend in seamlessly with the overall aesthetic without overshadowing the bride.

Comfort is another factor to consider, especially for outdoor ceremonies or celebrations lasting long into the night.

Ultimately, your attire should not only reflect your personal style but also pay homage to the traditions and customs of the occasion.

Top African Wedding Dresses for Guests

Let's explore some of the top African wedding dress styles that are sure to make a statement at any celebration.

1. Traditional Ankara Dress

Ankara dresses are renowned for their vibrant colours and bold patterns, making them a popular choice among wedding guests of all ages.

A popular phrase among the Yoruba people of Nigeria "O wọ ankara, o jẹ semo" (Meaning: If you are not putting on Ankara, you won't be served with the semo dish)

This phrase places the significance and usage of Ankara in wedding settings and its uniqueness at the event. Ankara can have a variety of styles, depending on personal and theme choices.

Cold Shoulder Ankara Dress

For a modern twist on a classic style, consider opting for a cold shoulder Ankara dress. This chic and sophisticated design features an off-the-shoulder neckline and figure-flattering silhouette, perfect for turning heads on the dance floor.

Mermaid Ankara Dress Style

If you're looking to make a statement, the mermaid Ankara dress is the way to go. With its form-fitting silhouette and eye-catching print, this dress is sure to command attention from the moment you walk into the room.

One-Shoulder Mermaid Fittings 

This striking dress style combines traditional African elements with contemporary design, resulting in a look that is both timeless and fashion-forward. The one-shoulder neckline adds a touch of drama, while the mermaid silhouette hugs your curves in all the right places.

Ava African Print Maxi Dress 

Our Ava African Print Maxi Dress is a stunning choice that marries colourfulness, elegance, and style in one beautiful ensemble. Crafted from a gorgeous African print, this Ankara maxi dress is a standout piece.

With a design that hugs your figure at the top while cascading fluidly at the bottom, Ava offers both comfort and sophistication. The added sleeve detailing provides a touch of coverage without being overwhelming, complemented by an elegant sweetheart neckline that frames the face beautifully.

Ideal for wedding guests aiming to make a memorable impression, this African Print Maxi Dress ensures you'll look fabulous and feel great throughout the event. Whether you're attending a daytime garden wedding or an evening gala, expand your wardrobe with this one-of-a-kind Ankara maxi dress and embrace the celebration in style.

2. Kente Wedding Guest Dresses

Kente is a deep reflection of Ghanaian culture. These dresses are bold, colourful, and full of personality.

Let's say you opt for a traditional Kente print. You're guaranteed to stand out from the crowd in one of these stunning designs

Kente fabric offers a splendid array of styles suitable for wedding guests who wish to embrace African elegance. Here are five chic Kente styles you could consider for the next wedding you attend:

Kente Mermaid Gown

As a guest, get yourself a stunning Kente mermaid gown that hugs your curves and flares out from the knee. This style can include a creative arrangement of beadwork or embroidery at the bodice, which adds a touch of luxury, and you can also go simple without any embroidery on the clothes.

Kente and Lace Fusion Gown 

Select a gown that blends Kente with lace. The top can be crafted from lace, while the skirt showcases rich Kente prints. This mix of textures creates a unique look perfect for your next wedding as a guest.

Peplum Kente Blouse with Straight Skirt

Try to combine a peplum-style Kente blouse with a simple, high-waisted, straight skirt. This style suits both semi-formal and formal weddings and allows for versatility with fabric combination and colour matching.

Kente Jumpsuit

For a more modern and edgy look, a Kente jumpsuit tailored to fit perfectly can be a striking choice. Ideal for those who prefer pants over dresses but still want to make a statement, it can be accessorized with bold jewellery to enhance the traditional print.

These styles not only respect the cultural significance of African clothing but also celebrate its versatility and beauty, making them perfect for making a statement at any wedding event.


African wedding dresses for guests offer a unique blend of tradition, culture, and contemporary fashion, making them a popular choice for guests looking to make a statement. From the detailing of Ankara dresses to the bold prints of Ghanaian designs, each style tells a story and celebrates the rich heritage of the continent.

African wedding guest styles are not limited to the Ankara and Kente Prints, they extend to African Aso-Oke, Kitenge and more.

The next time you receive an invitation to an African wedding, use the opportunity to explore the diverse world of African fashion and celebrate in style.

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